In addition to impacting factors that directly contribute to the physical health of individuals and communities, Al-Bustani’s lines of businesses incorporates activities that serve to improve the mental health of communities and individuals by undertaking beautification and landscaping projects. Improving the aesthetic qualities of our environments is correlated to the improving the overall quality of life. And with a significant portion of the population in Egypt living in either arid or densely populated areas, the need for beautification and landscaping becomes paramount. We combine traditional gardening techniques with the benefits of our irrigation technologies that cater to every aspect of plant growth to provide you with a more affordable price and much more diversified garden selection than traditional landscapers. These are designed to meet with the requirements of your gardens and your tastes, regardless of where they are located.

Al-Bustani Services
-We provide landscape and hardscape gardening solutions for outdoors and rooftop areas.

-We offer our clients with: grass, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants and flowers at affordable prices and highest quality.

-We provide maintenance services to ensure the sustainability of our client’s gardens on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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