Commercial Farming

Commercial Farming


Al-Bustani’s soilless technologies have the ability to generate a very high yield, especially when compared against the surface area required for cultivation. These methods (specifically aquaponics systems) have the capability to produce surplus food quantities, allowing for the production of cash crops and commercial cultivation. By providing economical and eater conserving means to produce food that generates income, Al-Bustani’s system can afford low-income families the ability to produce beyond subsistence level and generate income. Investors with the capabilities to fund larger and more expansive commercial soilless culture operations will be able minimize costs of large scale production. Furthermore, by growing crops in a controlled and regulated environment, one could reduce the likelihood of deficient produce and hence maximize the commercial viability of the product, a factor that is most crucial to competition for the export markets.

Al-Bustani Services

Whether in an arid, urban, or fertile environment, Al-Bustani’s methods and cost effective systems are efficient at cultivating a higher volume of crops that are commercially competitive

– What: We build, plan, operate and manage large-scale hydroponic projects, in both open space and greenhouses, for private investors, corporate/commercial entities and other institutions.

– How: Al Bustani applies the same systems and technologies throughout its lines of business, such as Hydroponic, Aquaponic, Aeroponic systems, Barrels, Containers, Raised Table Beds) only it musters them on a much larger scale.

– Where The systems operated by Al-Bustani can be developed and managed in all terrains and environments, including urban and rural settings.

-We also provide consultation and management for open-space conventional farms.

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