As a technology company and service provider, Al Bustani adopts innovative soilless culture techniques to tackle not only the specific needs of clients but the lingering and unresolved problems arising from inefficient irrigation techniques. It is our aim to not only demonstrate the economic viability of our soilless culture methods, but also to proliferate their use across the whole agricultural sector, as it is our belief that these methods  represent vital and practical solutions to approach agriculture and irrigation in this constrained future. We operate across three primary lines of business

- Urban Farming
- Commercial Farming
- Landscaping

How we do it
Our process for undertaking these services is methodical and will follow the following process:


Inspect: An Al-Bustani engineer conducts a site inspection

Design: Al-Bustani conducts farm or landscape mapping based on inspection result and client requirements. The team then determines the appropriate system for the project and draws schematics and protocols to implement upon client approval

Propose: Farm or Landscape proposal is submitted to the client for approval

Implement: Upon approval, an Al-Bustani work team will begin installations at the site under the supervision of design planners who will oversee the successful execution of the project.

Maintain: Management and maintenance of client’s farms and gardens and other post-development services and consultations.